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Link salesforce Leads and Accounts with Account Matcher

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Is your sales team sick of working on leads who end up already being a customer of yours? Do you want to match your incoming leads with existing accounts in your Salesforce org and store relative account information, right on the lead record? Introducing, our new Lead-Account Matcher.

Our Lead Account Matcher will search your Salesforce org for accounts that match the lead’s company field, or whose website field matches the lead’s email domain. But what if a new lead was just entered in Salesforce and an exact match wasn’t found? We got that covered too. Using our custom built fuzzy matching logic, the Matcher will search for accounts whose name is close to the lead’s company field, and assign it a match rating based on the confidence of the match.

Matches are grouped into different tiers (high, medium, and low), depending on how close the account’s name is from the lead’s company field. Another great aspect about our Matcher is that you hold the power to customize it, to better fit your Salesforce org. You can make the fuzzy matching logic more/less strict for more/fewer results and determine which tiers are a good enough match to auto-populate the matched account field.

Want to see our Matcher in action? Check out this video.  Interested in having this installed in your org?  Fill out the form to your right.