3 Common Cloud Computing Adoption Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

By February 27, 2012Latest News

1. Security is an afterthought. 

In order to make a smooth, secure transition to the cloud, implementing security throughout the entire project is crucial. Many companies opt to only worry about this until the end. However, this should be built in to every step of the project because it is not a “one-size-fits-all” mechanism. If your company is moving to the cloud, make sure to question your IT consultants about this.





2. Not using the pros.

Many business-owners assume that every and any IT company is qualified to implement the cloud. Yet, cloud-computing is a new technology that requires a completely different skill-set. There aren’t many educational classes or training programs that people can become “certified” in, so it’s tough to discover which IT consultant would be the right fit for you. Do some research first and ask a lot of questions. Make sure to ask other business-owner that have switched to the cloud about their experience as well.




3. Thinking it’s the IT-answer-for-all.

Many new cloud-users think that switching over will solve all of their IT issues. Any hiccups in the system will go away and everything will run perfectly smooth. However, reality is much different. Cloud computing is a great alternative to using a hardware infrastructure, but it won’t cure every issue within your system. It’s still a new technology, so be patient. Improvements and updates come along all the time, so be on the look-out. Don’s set unrealistic expectations and make sure to communicate with your cloud consultants so that both sides have a better picture of what the expectations are and whether or not they can be met.

The number one secret to cloud success is good communication. If you’re thinking of switching over, do some research. Don’t chose a certain program or software because it’s a popular choice, choose it because it’s a good fit for you and your company. Ask cloud consultants for advice and tell them what your goals are and they should be able to lead you in the right direction.

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