5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google+

By November 21, 2012Latest News

How many times have you seen tweets like this about Google+?

Chances are that Google+ has a bad rap among your social media connections. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, it does have fewer users; however, it’s important to remember that G+ was not meant to be a stand-alone social network, but rather an integration of all Google social products. Just like the iPhone revolutionized electronics–combining a camera, mp3 player, and phone–Google+ seeks to bring Maps, Hangouts, and more into one platform. If you are thinking about using Google+ for business purposes, we at Eustace would definitely encourage it. We’ve been using the platform since its creation, and find it extremely effective for internal organization, among other things.

To help you make the leap, here are 5 reasons that we feel every business should have a Google+ page:

  • Networking

G+ combines the in-depth information of a Facebook profile with the easy-access of Twitter–you don’t need to be connected to someone to view their profile. Plus (pun intended), G+ is integrated with all other Google products, such as Gmail and Google Reviews, so it’s never been easier to find people you do business with.

  • Hangouts

Imagine a Skype call with multiple users (for free) and that’s only the start of a Google Hangout. We at Eustace use it weekly to connect! Hangouts allow you to share screens, share files, and Gchat in a group of up to 10 people. You can use any device with a camera–even a tablet or smartphone–so it’s a perfect app for a company whose members are always traveling.


  • Google+ and YouTube

Google and YouTube are already integrated, but soon that integration will allow you to keep your original channel name. If you have a video-heavy business or blog, then having a G+ business page will give your media a much needed back-story  If your business doesn’t use a lot of videos in its content, maybe it’s finally time to host that web series you’ve been planning…

  • SEO

Because G+ is a Google product, you can be sure it has major SEO benefits. In addition to snagging a G+ badge for your site, make sure to optimize your profile for keywords. G+ gives you many chances to do this, including a huge “introduction” area, your one-sentence title, and the ability to embed links directly into these areas. For SEO help in G+, here’s a guide.

  • Content  

Google+ is so visually stunning that some businesses use it as their blogging platform. For others, including Eustace Consulting, G+ makes it extremely easy to share published content with clients and prospective clients, and uses large, high-res photos to do so.

And, because G+ uses the “circles” system, you can segment your content publicity so it gets to the right people, at the right time.

Convinced that you need Google+? Here’s a handy beginner’s guide to get you started!