A Beginner’s Guide: Infographics

By November 6, 2012Latest News


What are infographics? They are frequently cited as a great form of lead-generating content, and are a newly popular way to display data and statistics in a colorful, interesting way. They give your readers a quick introduction to a topic, without having them scroll through pages and pages of information.¬†Due to the visual nature of infographics, it is much easier for them to go viral. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, so think of them as pandering to your readers’ noggins!

If your company wants to create a killer infographic, you need a few key things:

  • A topic: Pick a topic that you know in-and-out, or work with extensively in your company. For example, at Eustace we may create something about why Salesforce is the best CRM software.
  • A source: Be absolutely certain that your sources are accurate and verified, or it could be detrimental to both your graphic’s popularity and your company’s reputation.
  • A title: Until someone clicks on your infographic, the only thing that can draw them to it is the title–so make it memorable!
  • A designer: If you’re going to create something so visual, make a good impression and have a professional do the design work. If you aren’t Photoshop savvy but want to keep the work internal, try this Powerpoint infographic template from Hubspot.

As today is Election Day, we at Eustace found inspiration in these White House-worthy infographics:


Happy Voting!