A Very Social (Media) Thanksgiving

By November 14, 2012Latest News

As Thanksgiving approaches next week, we here at Eustace Consulting are buying our airline tickets, bringing out the Turkey Day tablecloths, and preparing for the hoards of family members coming to town. Whether you are spending Thanksgiving with the whole family, or just a few friends, it’s safe to assume no one wants you live-tweeting during the big dinner. If you’ve vowed to stay off of your phone for the holiday, you can still get your social media fix during the planning process! Allow social media to step in and save the day when it comes to decorating, atmosphere, and even dinner. Check out these ideas to  use social media this Thanksgiving:

Find decorating ideas on Pinterest                                                                             
Need some inspiration for your table? Try searching Pinterest for “Thanksgiving table” and find ideas on which colors, materials, and motifs to try.

Prepare for Black Friday with Twitter
Beat the crowds! Find the best deals, both in stores and online, as they’re live-tweeted by @BlackFriday. They also cover some Cyber Monday specials, so take a peek even if you’re not making the mall pilgrimage on Friday.

Set the mood with a Spotify holiday playlist
See what your friends are listening to, make a playlist of your own, or find a pre-made list of holiday tunes to set the mood for your special dinner, whether you’re giving thanks or getting rowdy.

Find a post-meal or pre-holiday event on Eventbrite
If you’re looking to celebrate the notorious Thanksgiving Eve, search on Eventbrite for nightlife events–or, if you’re moving at a more traditional pace, find a charity event or fun Fall activity for the family after the big meal.

Find some viewer videos of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on UStream
Get a closer view of the parade, or find some other streamed event to entertain your guests as they slip into a turkey coma. If you’re unable to join family far away, try catching up via webcam!

Unsure about a new recipe? Crowd source it on Twitter!
Breaking away from boxed stuffing, and unsure about adding those dried apricots? Try sharing your recipe questions, ideas, or suggestions on Twitter to get advice! Include hashtags such as #Thanksgiving, #Thanksgiving2012, or #Thanksgivingdinner to get the most feedback.

Just remember:

Happy Thanksgiving!