AI is making me a better salesperson, today!

By August 16, 2017Latest News

Our world these days is filled with Buzz words.  AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing; you get the point.  For the first time I found a tool that actually is AI and it helps me make intelligent decisions on how to sell.

This tool is called Sudo .  Upon installing it, I started to notice a lot of things happening without my prompting, and it was pretty revolutionary!  Here are some examples:

  • Adding contacts to salesforce that you sent an email to as well as adding a contact role on an open opportunity related to that account.  Contact Roles are and have continued to be an achillies heel for  See below:






  • Auto-logging meetings related to contacts from your google calendar, as well as smart-sensing if there is an open opportunity for that account, and relating it to that opportunity as well!







  • Sensing an upcoming meeting in my google calendar, a message is sent to me with details on the opportunity as well as relevant links about the company I’m selling to!

On top of those, there are a whole slew of other features.  You can see a few highlighted below:

*Search Salesforce*
pull up any of your data right here in Slack. examples:
• `show info for Bruce Wayne`
• `show Wile from Acme Inc.`
• `show opportunities from XYZ Widget Company`

*Prospect for new leads*
find contact information for companies you are targeting:
• `prospect leads at`

*Add a new lead or contact*
create new leads or contacts:
• `new lead for`
• `new contact for`

*Create a task*
create tasks and send you reminders right here in Slack:
• `create task to send the proposal to Bruce Wayne at Acme Inc next Friday`

*Log your contacts and activities*
since i’m connected to your email, i can automatically:
• log your relevant emails
• log your relevant meetings
• add your relevant contacts

We highly recommend you take it for a test spin.  If you’re looking for assistance, as always, fill out our form to your right.