Alert! Alert! Hubspot User Group Discusses Signals

By October 18, 2013Latest News

hugThis past week, I ventured to Hubspot to attend the Hubspot User Group, aka ‘HUG’, meeting for the first time. HUG is an excellent outlet for Hubspot users, partners, employees, and interested parties to learn all about new products and tools. This week at HUG, we learned about Hubspot’s newest sales tool, Signals! Signals is a free tool that gives you real-time notifications to help you follow up with your leads and customers more efficiently and more effectively.signalssalesforcehubspotgmail

First, take a step back and imagine this scenario: You’ve just sent a potential lead an email enclosed with information about the remarkable products/services that your company offers. A week goes by and you still haven’t heard back. Now you have a decision to make…what will you do? Email them again? Call them? Or just discount them and forget about it? Well, if you let it fall by the wayside, you’ve just lost a potential lead who could have turned into a delighted customer.

With Hubspot’s Signals you will never have to imagine that grisly scenario again! Signals allows you to find out when contacts open and interact with your email so you can gain more insight about your messages such as who opens them, where they’re opened, which device was used, and how many times your messages were viewed. This tool is great and all but besides having the ability to stalk potential clients’ email records, what else can you gain from this? Sales people now have actionable intelligence from the prospect.  Knowing that they have seen your email or they clicked through a link or they are reading your website is gold.

Let’s break down some of Signal’s awesome Notification features:

Signals notifies you in real time when someone has activity on emails, LinkedIn, Salesforce and HubSpot.  You get an on-screen notification, as well as a summary list of activity that you can review.

Company Connect Feature:

  • Provides you the ability to know and respond the second a high value prospect first views your website by allowing you to see anonymous visits from fortune 1000 companies, .org, and .edu organizations even before they turn into leads.
  • Signals also allows you to see if other people from your company have talked to prospects. If you see that someone has in fact talked to a prospect, it creates a warm path for you to follow

Signals by HubSpot

Salesforce Notifications:

  • Pipeline Notifications allow you to know exactly where you stand each month as deals are closed and forecasts are updated as Signals notifies you about opportunity changes and stage phase changes
  • Salesforce notifications also include an alert when a contact becomes a new lead and when a contact opens an email sent through Salesforce

Signals by HubSpot-4

Email Notifications:

  • When a contact opens your email
  • When a contact clicks a link you’ve enabled tracking for

emailLinkedIn Notifications:

  • You will receive a notification when a VIP changes their position, posts an update, and adds a new connection.

linkedinHubSpot Notifications

  • When a contact visits a page on your website



Great work HubSpot!  Enhancing the Inbound experience for sales people. Looking to install Signals? Click here! Also, if you’d like to connect with fellow Hubspot users by joining a local Hubspot User Group (HUG) click here!