App Chat: Box Launches Salesforce Marketplace App

By July 9, 2013Latest News

Eustace partner and file storage maven has recently released a new app on the Marketplace. It will allow users to access all of Box’s features from the Salesforce Records section–including: Box Edit, file sharing, commenting on documents, creating/editing tasks, and access management. Users will also be able to preview files and take advantage of a simplified navigation through a Box folder tree.

The app was built using Box’s “Box Embed” HTML-5 framework, giving it the complex functionality that was lacking from it’s previously-released app. The strength of this application, according to CEO Aaron Levie, lies in Box’s willingness to give its customers integration between platforms. In a recent

statement he told IDG News, “Today, because of the openness of the cloud [software and services], you can integrate best-of-breed solutions, so customers can mix and match from various vendors.” As Box has one, simple purpose, it’s especially important that it finds integration partners to expand both it’s range of functionality and audience.

slide1 currently has about 150,000 customers, while the Salesforce App Marketplace has around 1.7 million customers–clearly, this development will result in a huge amount of exposure for the company. We’ll be sure to test the app soon and review it!

Do you have questions about how to best use the SFDC App Marketplace? Would you like to integrate’s storage into your companies operations? Give us a call, we’re ready to help!