App Chat: Sertifi for Salesforce

By February 12, 2013Latest News

Looking for help closing your sales deals? Seek no more!

The newest addition to the Salesforce App Exchange is Sertifi’s “Sertifi for Salesforce” app–a social app that helps users with sales process automation. As one of the highest rated apps on the Exchange, it’s clear that Sertifi packs a pretty big punch for sales reps. The app allows users to acquire electronic signatures for faster deal processing, “increase close rates” by encouraging social collaboration during the sales process, and encourages increased sales rep productivity using “advanced agreement workflow tools.”


Sertifi and Salesforce is a match made in heaven. Users can upload documents to Chatter, and the whole team can monitor when they are delivered, opened, and signed. Using Salesforce Touch, that means signatures could be obtained on the work site  or anywhere a sales rep has traveled–while the rest of the team sees updates in real time from the office. Additionally, Sertifi was careful to build this app 100% on the platform, so it is simple to integrate it with other Salesforce apps–such as, for example, CongaMerge.

As part of the Social Enterprise section of App Exchange, Sertifi had to make it through a tough rubric to be included in the section of only 25 apps. You can try the app for free, complete with 20 electronic signatures per month.

Have you integrated Sertifi, and has it substantially helped your sales process?

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