App Chat:’s Cloud Swarm 3 & Unfollow Rules

By January 17, 2013Latest News


We recently added two new apps to our company Chatter and wanted to share: Cloud Swarm 3 and Unfollow Rules


The Cloud Swarm app is free from the Salesforce App Exchange and allows the user to create a rule which triggers certain users to follow Leads, Cases, or Opportunities based on certain criteria. Not only that, but the user can set up additional triggers to provide for unfollow–that is, to stop following a Case, Lead, or Opportunity when it no longer meets certain criteria.

Additionally, swarming can be activated with a Chatter post. Swarm your entire team on a case just by adding a command like “!ALLFOLLOW” to a post. That means no more endless tagging when a new¬†Grumpy Cat meme¬†needs sharing!

This app means that based on things like industry, status, or source, users can be automatically grouped-in to new or prospective clients. Those who are newly following an entry, or “swarming,” will be notified in their Chatter feed. The auto-follow aspect of the app is especially handy, as it continues to streamline the Case/Opportunity/Lead assignment process.

Download the app here. Want a demo? Click here.


We highly recommend downloading it in conjunction with our other new (and free) app, Unfollow Rules, which automatically unfollows records based on set rules–such as after a case is closed. This is an easy, streamlined way to help you avoid hitting the 500 following limit and keep your follows relevant.

See the demo here and download Unfollow Rules here.

We’re loving these apps so far! How has your company’s experience with them been?