Apps we love: Signals by Hubspot is now available for your iPhone

By March 26, 2014Latest News

Do you wish you could find out when one of your contacts opens an email that you sent, had a way to track new leads on the go, or find out who is viewing your website right now?


Hubspot” href=”” target=”_blank”>Signals by Hubspot makes it easy to do
all of these things and more.  It connects
with your email account, Salesforce and Hubspot to:

  • See who opens your tracked emails
  • See when, where and how many times your emails were opened
  • See who has clicked a link in your email
  • Write and send trackable emails from your iPhone
  • Know when important contacts are back on your website- even the exact page they are on
  • Inform you when a new lead is created in Salesforce
  • See pipeline changes from you and your team in real time

Now, staying closely connected with your leads and contacts is easier than ever.  We, here at
Eustace Consulting, have been fans of the Signals desktop application ever since it came out last summer, and are equally as pleased with the iPhone app because it gives you all of the same great functionality on the go.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.28.57 PM

Interested in giving it a try?  Here are few pros and cons we have found based on our experience with the app:

  • PRO: The app has already made us more productive.  We do not spend time wondering if our emails are being read, and we don’t spend time asking our customers if they got our emails or not.  This means instant peace of mind for people in account and project management roles trying to coordinate teams or manage client expectations
  • PRO: The app offers complete privacy, so your email recipients will not know that their emails are being tracked
  • PRO:  You are able to turn the notification mirroring on and off- so if you are using signals on your laptop, you will not get the same notifications on your phone (unless you want to, of course.)


  • CON:  The practice of tracking emails and leads feels a little Big Brother-ish, but as we mentioned before, the peace of mind you get for knowing that your contacts have received and read your emails is worth feeling a little bit like a stalker
  • CON (Maybe): The app is free, but is only available for iOS devices running iOS 7 or later

Overall, we consider this a win, but we are curious to know what you think. Have you tried this new app yet?  Comment to let us know what you think of it!

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