Assistly becomes Salesforce’s

By February 4, 2012Latest News

Way back in September, Salesforce announced that they acquired Assistly, a cloud-based customer service product for $50 million. This week, Salesforce announced that they are launching their newest application,, which is Assistly fully integrated with Salesforce software, including Salesforce Chatter. is targeted towards small to medium sized businesses and helps them to target leads from social media sites- Twitter, Facebook, etc. According to VP Alex Bard, after interviewing various businesses about their customer-service needs, “businesses want a customer service platform that is social, mobile, and simple.”

A great thing about this new application is that it’s completely mobile- you can access it anywhere and any place. It seems to be a perfect feature for streamlining customer information and organization. Do you think your business could use What do you think about this new feature? Do you ever contact companies through social networking sites?

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The old Assistly logo looks familiar, doesn’t it? It’s nice that they used some of the old design: