Benefits of integrating salesforce and telephony

By October 10, 2013Latest News

Do you have your office phone system linked and integrated to Should you?
Here are some reasons and examples why you and your company could benefit from the integration:

Click to Call
Imagine your team opening a salesforce lead or contact, clicking the phone number as opposed to dialing it. No mis-typed numbers or time wasted dialing!

Screen Pops
Screen pops automatically pull up the proper lead or contact record when a phone call comes into your call center or office! No need to search for that lead or contact, have them spell out their name and waste time getting the data you need at your fingertips

Accountability and Reporting
The coolest and most touted feature of a telephony integration is the ability to report on all the call data – connects, dials, call durations, you name it! Below we have 2 examples of dashboards we’ve created for clients of ours. Have a look!

Dashboard_ Call Log Dashboard ~ - Enterprise Edition

Dashboard_ Shoretel Connections ~ - Enterprise Edition

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