How Box Amped is Revolutionizing and Salesforce Integration

By March 20, 2023Latest News

We’re excited to show you one of our latest products, Amped!

Box Amped has revolutionized the way and Salesforce integrate, providing an enhanced Box connector for Salesforce. With its improved features, Box Amped makes it easier for users to access and manage files stored in Box directly from the Salesforce interface.

Associate any salesforce record to any folder
The connector allows you to associate any salesforce record to any box folder.  Using a simple interface, you visually choose what folder is associated to what record.  Don’t have a folder setup already?  It’s part of the steps to create the folder wherever you need to in your tree heirarchy

Respect for permissions
Leveraging the toolkit API, all folder permissions are respected as to who can view what folder, so data that needs to stay isolated; stays isolated.


Extend to salesforce communities is a powerful tool, made even more powerful with salesforce communities.  Embed the power of’s folders and security in your salesforce community, making it completely transparent to the user.

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Want to see it in action?  Check out the video below: