salesforce integration for custom objects

By November 14, 2013Latest News

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We here are Eustace Consulting use for all of our file management and storage needs. One of the great wins is the ability to integrate with
One of our customers recently had an issue that she could not embed the visualforce page on a custom object page layout. The custom object is a “Project” Object.

In order to accomplish this, no coding is needed. Just the tweaking of a few parameters. Here are the steps to follow:
1. After installing the standard integration, go to Setup->Develop->Pages
2. Go into an existing page and copy the Apex Code on the page, as we are going to copy-paste and modify the areas that are underlined in green.

Plex Media Server

2. Click on “New” to create a new Visualforce page, as shown below:

3. Copy and Paste the code, replacing the bolded areas with the new custom object. In this case, the custom object is Project, so the API name is Project__c

Plex Media Server-1

4. After saving the new page, simply drag and drop it onto your custom object and you are good to go!