Boxworks Buzz: Box Launches New Products that Address “the way we work today”

By September 19, 2013Latest News

thBox.net_-20111003-131631Eustace partner and file storage expert,, has released brand new features and products that have the ability to downturn dispute around exchanging ideas and optimize the rate of how information is being shared within a company. Box’s senior vice president, Sam Schillace, outlined an ongoing debate in information technology, in which arguably there are people who think they always know better than to follow industry fads. But Shillace asserted that the economic driver for these industry pivots concerning collaboration is in fact, information technology.boxworks

In today’s work world, the role of IT is changing and now is used to improve the flow of information throughout an entire organization. So what does the rapid change of IT’s role have to do with Box’s new product launches? The technology in the new features are designed to help companies get the most value out of their information by granting it to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Read on to discover how it’s done through Box’s brand new features…

Box iOs App 

The new iOs application offers an insight into its smartphone and tablet strategy going forward, calling mobile the “true catalyst” for the IT industry’s current transformation. At the 3rd annual Boxworks Convention in San Francisco, Martin Destagnol, former CEO of Folders and current head of iOS engineering at Box showed off new viewing options at the  for photos and PDF files. These files are among the most popular types in Box, as well as new swipe commands and sharing options.


Box Notes

The application, which will be accessible on all platforms and mobile devices, integrates new editing tools with Box’s existing file storage capabilities. As well as storing data in Box’s system, users of Box Notes will also be able to collaborate in real time, taking notes and exchanging ideas through the program itself!

box notes2


box notes 3







Box Metadata

Box will allow enterprise customers to add contextual information known as metadata to files stored in the cloud in what is being described by the company as, “the most important change we’ve made to the platform in a long time”. Businesses will be able to add detail such as subject, creator, and additional information that doesn’t appear in standard file systems. This allows users to find relevant content with ease and build applications around files stored on Box.


Box Converts Documents Into HTML5

Box’s new preview feature that concerts files into HTML5 will change the way web users view documents in the same way YouTube changed video and Facebook changed photos. The new preview uses technology from Crocodocs, which Box acquired in May, and promises to be “the most seamless way to experience documents on the web”, according to Box CEO, Aaron Levie. The new preview works without any additional software as it breaks documents down into the lowest level, separates the components and recreates them into open standard HTML5 that can be viewed in any browser on any device.



This development will result in a huge amount of exposure for the company and we will be sure to test these new features and report back – so stay tuned!

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