Calendar Sync for Cirrus Insight

By February 15, 2013Latest News

It’s finally arrived! Cirrus Insight users can now sync their Google/Gmail and calendars, using Calendar Sync for Cirrus Insight (activation directions here)

The Cirrus Insight app has long been in demand on the Salesforce App Exchange, as it allows users to sync their SFDC with Google Apps and Gmail–this new development makes the app even more valuable. This particular feature has been heavily requested by users in the past few months, so it’s nice to know that Cirrus is listening!


With the check of a box, users will be able to quickly and easily put their two calendars in sync–the app even assigns Google calendar tasks to the record of the appropriate lead/contact in Salesforce. Any changes then made to an appointment are updated on both calendars. The app syncs everything–including private events (which maintain their distinction), events with attendees, recurring events, and all-day events.

The app still has some limitations–for example, users can only sync their primary Google calendar, for now–but we’re excited to use this new feature and let it take the stress out of using multiple scheduling services.


Need help getting started? Here’s the tutorial from Cirrus.

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