Can the Cloud= Economic Boom?

By November 23, 2011Latest News

 Because of the lower start-up cost, the explosion of cloud computing offers another benefit: economic boom. High unemployment with low startup cost for new industry is creating incentive for entrepreneurs to start their own business by getting on the cloud. Cloud computing requires less hardware and less data storage costs, while also offering cheap opportunities for small startups to store data and manage client bases. Instead of investing in thousands of dollars’ worth of hardware and server installations, cloud computing stores data remotely for solid and consistent monthly rates. According to, this new entrepreneurial boom will most likely be made up of college students or recent graduates as well as, “others being veterans of workforce experiences relatively void of opportunities.” It also mentions a survey that concludes, “a majority [of startup businesses] use cloud-based resources: QuickBooks (71%) for accounting, Google Analytics (70%) for BI, (59%) for customer relationship management, and Dropbox (39%) for storage and backup.” With cheaper resources available for managing IT, cloud computing will continue to sour. Check out some of these articles below for more information:Business Leaders Say The Cloud Will Assist Economic Recovery…The Cloud An Opportunity for Entrepreneurship Forbes: Cloud Computing is Fuel for the Next Entrepreneurial Boom