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By December 10, 2013Latest News

cirrus logo1For those of you who haven’t heard about Cirrus Insight, it is the #1 application for integrating Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps. With Cirrus Insight, users can create and manage leads, contacts, tasks, cases and opportunities right from Gmail. itself even uses the Cirrus Insight plug-in internally!

Product Features:

  • View a contact’s Salesforce details quickly and easily, even when in the Gmail window.
  • Create a new Salesforce Lead or Contact based on an incoming email
  • When sending an email, create a task that associates that email with the Contact/Lead AND the relevant Case/Opportunity/Account.
  • Calendar integration with salesforce and google calendar

How does it work?

If you get an email from Joe Smith, and Joe’s email isn’t in Salesforce, you can create Joe as a Lead or a Contact with just a few clicks. If Joe is in Salesforce, the app shows you all of Joe’s details, as well as details on Joe’s company (Account) and any Opportunities, Cases, tasks, etc. related to Joe. Finally, when you send Joe an email, you can associate that email not only with Joe, but also with an Account, Opportunity, etc.


The Mobile App:

Now that Google apps and Gmail have been integrated with Salesforce, Cirrus has been able to move its attention to bringing the whole experience to mobile for the modern on-the-go-sales professional, making it even easier for them to get the most out of Salesforce’s service.

We’ve been lucky enough to get Beta access to the mobile app, and it works very fluidly! We are excited to see it released into the wild!

Here are some of the key features:


Additional Features:

  • Update Salesforce contacts, activities, cases, and opportunities.
  • Make deals happen and take care of customers anytime, anywhere
  • Keep Track of & Close Opportunities from Anywhere
  • The mobile app, while in Beta, is not limited to google apps users only. Cirrus mobile will work with any IMAP compatible mail server!

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