salesforce Community Updates Summer 2015

By June 10, 2015Latest News

Community Management

Streamlined Overview Page
The Community Management Overview page allows for a centralized location to view relevant information to the user, such as release information, best practice links, and Success Community groups.


Custom Recommendations

The user will be able to create recommendations and edit them within the Community Management. These recommendations assist in driving the engagement of communities.

Merge, Rename, and Delete Topics

Directly from Community Management, users will be able to merge, rename, and delete topics.

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Customize Default Community Pages

Directly from Community Management, users will be able to replace standard Community Home pages and Service Not Available pages with custom pages.


Community Builder

Sandbox Publishing

In order to be available to users, communities that were created using self-service templates require publication. Users will be able to utilize the sandbox to test their changes before actually going live within production.


Community Templates

View All Case Interactions

Directly from a Chatter case feed, users will be able to view the complete life cycle of a case.


Custom Recommendations

Display custom recommendations to drive community engagements within Napili communities.


Knowledgeable People List

The Knowledgeable People component highlights the top five topic experts so that community members can directly ask them questions.


Select Files in Question and Answer Posts

For self-service communities on the Napili template, users can choose whether to select a file from the community or upload a file when attaching files within the question and answer posts.


Visibility Setting

Users will be able to show their contact information details to guest users not logged into the community while using the Napili template.


Case List View

Users in self-service template communities can view cases from a compact list.


User Profile Details and Cases List

Within the Koa and Kokua Templates, users can see profile details and case lists when viewing their profiles.


Feed Detail Page

Within self-service templates, users with community case feed enabled will be able to access the Feed Detail page by clicking a feed item’s time stamp. From the Feed Detail page, the user can see an individal case feed item and its’ comments.


Community Reporting

Report Management

Users will be able to create and edit reports in a personal folder or a privately shared folder. Users can also grant partner and customer users permissions for creating and editing reports through profile or by using permission sets.

Communities Dashboards Package Updates

An update to the Salesforce Communities Dashboards package will be available in the AppExchange, including improvements to the License dashboard, filtering reports by user details, and reporting on record feeds.