Creative Ways IT and Hardware Companies are Helping Customers Get on the Cloud

By January 15, 2012Latest News

Cloud computing really exploded this past year, which may create some fear for new business in the hardware industry. After all, the biggest appeal of cloud computing is the lack of hardware to worry about replacing, right? What are these big hardware sellers going to do to stay competitive?I’ve found that many IT and cloud companies are teaming up to give an extra push with added incentives to join Cloud-mania.One example is HP and  Box. On Dec 5, they announced that if you purchase a  HP Compaq 6200 or 6005 Pro Series PC, you will get a free Box account with 10GB of storage space and if you purchase a HP Compaq 8200 Elite Series PC, you get an even better deal- unlimited storage and synchronization for free for a year.

Another example is the partnership between Dell and Salesforce. They’ve had a partnership for a while now, but Dell and Salesforce teamed up to focus on small and medium-sized business customer management.  Dell Cloud Business Applications are working together with the Service Cloud from to help customers respond to their client needs faster and more efficiently.Can you think of other hardware and cloud computing partnerships? Do they seem mutually beneficial?