Salesforce Customizable Task Homepage Component

By March 19, 2014Latest News

One of the most requested features in is to be able to customize the task view on the Home Screen in salesforce.
As users of salesforce ourselves, we’ve been frustrated with the inability to do so and have built a solution!

The Common Layout that is provided by salesforce is very limited as illustrated below.
There is no ability to customize what fields show up, what order they show up in, or even filter or organize the data


We’ve built a custom visualforce insert that not only gives you all of the flexability you need, but also the dynamic ability to create whatever fields you want displayed, what order, and if they are hyperlinked or not.

This is all done through custom settings! Completely user configurable. See below:


And finally, here it is on our homepage!


Interested in having a customized task layout? Fill out the form below, we’d love to work with you!