Dreamforce ’13: The Main Keynote Event!

By November 20, 2013Latest News

dreamforce logoWhat better way to warm up on this cold winter morning than to read about the sizzling hot event that went on in San Francisco yesterday morning. It’s the Superbowl of cloud computing – yes, that’s right…I’m talking about Dreamforce ’13 and all of the innovative and exciting news that was shared! Dreamforce ’13 is the biggest cloud computing event of the year so of course they had to make it unique and memorable – and by all means they succeeded.

The Dreamforce ’13 main keynote featured CEO, Marc Benioff’s keynote address, a performance by Huey Lewis and the News, and a detailed presentation on the unbelievable efforts that salesforce.com made in helping Haiti after it was hit by the plundering earthquake – not to mention the seriously futuristic features that were released including Salesforce1, SalesforceA, ExactTarget in the marketing cloud and much, much more.

This year’s conference focused on ‘The Internet of Customers’ and how salesforce.com’s new products and features have paved the road for companies to connect to their customers in a whole new way. In the year 2013, it is obvious that the internet is the new word-of-mouth marketing and if you think otherwise something needs to change within your company. But don’t fret! Salesforce.com can become your safety net and its new features will guide you through and teach you the importance of utilizing the internet for all that it is worth. The internet lets you pivot your focus to customers and allows you to listen, interact, and engage with them.

If you didn’t attend Dreamforce ’13, here are a few reasons why you should attend next year! First, for all attendees, Dreamforce is a chance to meet with YOUR people. You get the opportunity to share your story with people who have connote challenges and successes. Second, you can listen to different perspectives on similar problems and collaborate together to solve them in new and engaging ways – exciting stuff!

Here are a few ¬†highlights of this year’s Dreamforce:

Marc Benioff’s “The Internet of Customers” Presentation…


The beautiful conference room…

Dreamforce 2013

Parker Harris coming back from the future!

Dreamforce 2013

The massive blow-up cloud

dreamforce cloud

To learn about the new products and features including Salesforce1, SalesforceA, ExactTarget, and more read my upcoming blog which will highlight the benefits of these features and how they can help your company connect to its customers through the power of the internet.