Duplicate Management in Salesforce Spring 15

By March 6, 2015Latest News

keys-311963_640The Spring 15 release of Salesforce has released a much needed duplicate management tool.  These tools work with accounts, contacts, leads, and any custom objects.

Duplicate Management is made up of two components, Matching Rules and Duplicate rules.

Matching rules are comprised of  choosing an object and the fields you want to match on.  Note the fuzzy rule matching – it’s used to match similar sounding records if they are said outloud.

For duplicate rules, you can either enforce or bypass sharing rules. Bypassing will allow the record to be compared to all records in your org and enforcing will limit the comparison to records that the user has access to. There are options to either allow a duplicate record or block a duplicate record. Blocking the record from being created always results in an alert when you try to save it. You’ll have to edit the record until it is unique to save it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.22.50 PM

Allowing the record to be created has some options within itself. You can choose to alert the user and report on records.

An important thing to note is when you are uploading using the Data Loader, or even the API, these rules will still continue to run. The records will only be inserted if the action is to allow and there is no alert. If the rule calls for an alert or blocks the record from being created, the data will not be inserted.  You will have to manually turn off the duplicate checking when running data imports.


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