Eustace Consulting named as one of Drift’s first partners

By February 25, 2018Blog

Drift, the conversational marketing platform has rolled out their official partner program.  We’re here to announce proudly that we were accepted into the first round of Partners.

What does this mean?  Drift is a conversation marketing tool.  It’s a combination of a live chat and a chatbot on your site.  With full integration to salesforce and Hubspot, it helps to engage your traffic in meaningful conversations.  In fact, we have a sample of it below to your right.

We’ve had and maintained a great relationship with Drift.  Starting out, we developed custom processes on their instance.  Intrigued by their technology, we adopted it, and have some very impressive results, see the below result.  Below is the result of our direct experience with Drift.

Interested in discussing Drift and what it can do for you and your company?  Chat with the bot on the right or fill out the form!