Eustace Q&A: “How Often Should I Blog?”

By May 2, 2013Latest News

Welcome to Eustace Q&A! In this new series, we’ll take your questions “mailbag” style, and give you the answers you’re looking for in matters of inbound marketing, social media, CRM, and more. Let’s get started:

How often should I blog?

Great question! Short answer: 2 times per week. That may seem like a lot of posts, but let us explain our reasoning:

As you probably know from reading our blog, business blogging is extremely important. Not only does blogging help your site’s SEO, it also boosts your reputation with customers. According to Hubspot statistics, potential customers are much more likely to consider buying from a business with a company blog! Intuitively, blogging shows customers that you care deeply about, and have put thought into, their concerns and questions.

As for the frequency, the numbers don’t lie–Hubspot reports that businesses that blog >20 times per month receive about 5x more traffic than those that blog <4 times per month! The science behind this is simple: each blog post creates another page for your website, which in turn boosts your site’s SEO. Think of it like a raffle–each blog post is another ticket entered, and thus another chance that your site is chosen!

For additional SEO points, remember these tips:

  • Make your post titles not only catchy, but specific. See how this title includes a question that a potential customer may Google? Bingo!
  • Be sure to include your site’s keywords in your blog posts.
  • If possible (and relevant to your business), localize your title. Include your city, state, or region to give your post more relevant hits.
  • Use a blogging service (we like the Hubspot Blogging Tool) to help with best-practices as you write–including length, keywords, and more.

Keep those questions coming!

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