Google Changes Search Algorithm

By April 27, 2012Latest News

Google announced on their Official Webmaster Central Blog some changes coming to their search algorithm. To summarize, they are making changes to refine user’s search results and to penalize the websites that use “over-optimization”.

So what does this mean?

It means a couple of things. First, users doing a search with Google’s tools will get better results and less results that lead them to junky websites. This should make using more friendly to end users. Second, it means that any websites out there that depend on links and keywords to move up the ranks in a search, may be at the risk of using what they call “over-optimization.”

What is over-optimization? It’s when a website is so loaded with keywords and links that it appears high up in the ranks and will appear first in a search. However, most of the time, that isn’t the information an end-user is seeking. Most of the time these websites will redirect you to another website trying to sell loans or the next diet pill. This is what is referred to as web spam.

Why should a business be concerned about this new algorithm from Google? Because if you are not using the correct keywords or have loaded your website with random information to get your business found with a search result, you may find yourself penalized. Maybe yesterday you appeared on page two in a search result. Tomorrow you may find yourself on page ten.

To prevent this from happening to you, you should become familiar with the basic guidelines and principles for building up your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website. Take a quick peek at Google’s guidelines here:

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