How Hubspot 3 Will Change Your Company’s Marketing

By August 29, 2012Latest News

Today at Inbound 2012, Hubspot unveiled their newest product, Hubspot 3. Adding 10 new tools and a mobile app is just the start–Hubspot 3 gives even “Mom & Pop” businesses the personalized marketing tools of established online gurus, like Google and

The update has 2 main components: Mobile and Personalization


  • The Hubspot app is now live in the Apple store! Get it now for free.
  • The Hubspot 3 software has been integrated with the iPhone to ensure you get live updates on your customers as they interact with you on social media, your website, and more.


  • Everything in Hubspot 3 is personalized to each individual visiting your site, including pages, images, and calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • Your contacts are managed by a central “brain” in H3, meaning that all contact data is saved and analyzed constantly to develop your Hubspot platform. This will result in a better user experience for your customers, such as when the amount of ¬†information needed from them in forms decreases as the system learns about them over time.
  • Hubspot 3 will track your customers’ social media interaction with your business pages and related profiles and update you with the results.

And to top it all off, Hubspot will include services from a re-vamped Hubspot Academy, with loads of demos, webinars, and more. Hubspot 3 is available now, though it is offered at a discounted price until September 1st, 2012. Go to Hubspot for more info!