How Hubspot and salesforce can turn your website into a profit center

By April 6, 2012Latest News

Make money with your website. It starts with a logical plan, hire someone to build a website for you that claims to know something about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the internet will come calling. If only it were that simple.
SEO is an evolving and changing entitiy. Keeping up with best practices and changes will require a professional firm that is on top of SEO, right? Wrong. Hubspot will guide you step-by-step. Hubspot is changing and tailoring their processes right in step with google and the other major engines out there. The internet isn’t getting any smaller, and in order to stand out, you’re going to have to proactively keep doing the things you’re doing right, and stop doing the things that are not working. This is the point where the HubSpot relationship turns your website into money printing machine.

HubSpot will generate you more leads, capture them in, allow you to nurture based on proven criteria and best practices, ultimately turning those leads into customers. Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking visitors, but long gone are the sites with a tracker on the bottom. Hubspot is able to generate analytics going from website visits all of the way to Closed Won sales opportunities. Full lifecycle reporting.

Tired of getting your IT team or programmers involved every time you want to create a marketing landing page? Hubspot makes it easy with a click and drag interface, empowering your Marketing team to quickly roll out landing pages and campaigns, with immedate analytics.

Eustace Consulting is a Certified Consulting company and a Silver HubSpot partner. If you ask us there isn’t a better combination.