How New Facebook Updates Could Impact Your Business

By March 14, 2013Latest News

Facebook recently released a redesigned newsfeed for its users–which allows for more customization, incorporates more–and larger–images, and which will eventually result in a better mobile/tablet experience.

Although business pages have thus far remained the same, these new changes for user pages could have a big impact on the way in which social media evolves, and thus on the way you should be marketing to Facebook users. In order to help you do this, below we’ve outlined the major changes, and what implication that has for your marketing practices:

  • The first (and most striking) change is that images are now front-and-center on the newsfeed. They are much larger, and the text overlaps with them a bit for a modern look. Check out this “before and after” of a post from a business page:


As you can see, the photo is the highlight of the post. This means that a carefully crafted bit of text can be rendered obsolete by a bad photo, so make sure everything you’re posting is not only good quality, but eye-catching.

  • A new “like” for a page shows up in newsfeed as the last half of the page’s cover photo and full profile photo. If possible, edit your cover photo to include your website, or some relevant piece of information, in the bottom so that it is easily viewed by your followers’ friends. Make sure your profile photo is current, correctly cropped, and memorable.


  • Shared links will get larger, more extensive thumbnails automatically. Make sure the images in your content are good quality and interesting, as one of them will be shared (likely the first one). If you do not like the excerpt that Facebook includes, you can change it just by clicking on the Facebook post.


  • The new changes are a throwback to the Facebook of yesteryear, in which users could personalize the structure of their page to include music, TV shows, movies, and “likes.” This means that a users box of “likes” could be at the top of their profile, and they get to customize which companies are included in the 6 pictured. Be a company they want in the Special 6! Make sure you are in the Special 6 of your employees’ profiles and those of close friends or family, for greater visibility.


  • Finally, users can switch between newsfeeds that they create–around what their friends are doing in music, photos, games, and more. They can also include pages in any of these newsfeeds, which should give you even more incentive to be original, exciting, and interesting to your followers.     It’s not only about the people that like your posts–it’s about their “likes” and comments propelling you to the top of their newsfeed. Now, more than ever, content needs to be visually engaging.


Do you need help navigating the new Facebook? Are you concerned about the impact it will have on your Facebook social media marketing? Give us a call!