How to build an all-star social media team

By January 26, 2012Latest News has released a great article in regards to building a social media team, setting up a strategy, and executing the strategy.

If you’re involved at all in twitter, you may have heard about the huge failure by McDonald’s poorly executing a social media marketing campaign. McDonald’s created a twitter hashtag #McDStories in order for people to share their stories about McDonald’s. This turned into people writing about their horrific experiences with McDonald’s. Some of the highlighted tweets are:
@Cate_Storm: “I just read that McDonalds chicken nuggets have a foaming agent in them, similar to products used for building materials.”
@vegan: “My memories of walking into a McDonald’s: the sensory experience of inhaling deeply from a freshly-opened can of dog food.”
@DigitalStokes: “I used to like McDonalds. I stopped eating McDonalds years ago because every time I ate it I felt like I was dying inside.”

They get much worse than that, but we’ll save you the horrible comments.

You can find the salesforce article here