How To: Create a Campaign in Salesforce

By March 12, 2013Latest News

Spring is in the air! The first flowers are starting to bloom, the swimsuits are beginning to appear in storefronts, and the last of the snow is finally melting away. As all of this change takes place around us, sometimes it can feel like our business routine could use some freshening-up too. One effective way to breathe new life into your marketing is through an email campaign, which can help both cultivate new leads and refresh old ones. If you’ve taken our

First flowers of Springadvice to maintain a company blog, actively update your social media platform, and continually churn out compelling content–the only piece of the inbound marketing puzzle that remains is an interesting lead-nurturing campaign.

Good email marketing will allow you to build a better relationship with customers, as they are receiving personalized correspondence from you in their inbox. The benefits of this also affect your sales–companies that employ email marketing are more likely to boost repeat sales, and when in constant contact with you, potential clients are more likely to push through the sales conversion funnel. Finally, email campaigns are an easy way to get anonymous feedback from customers, with the help of online forms and survey apps.
Here’s how to create a new campaign in Salesforce:At Eustace Consulting, we use either Salesforce or Hubspot for our email marketing campaigns. When considering which to use, it is mainly a question of which platform your company both utilizes and is familiar with. In this post, we’ll help you create a campaign in SFDC, which can then be used for email marketing using the app of your choice–our choice is the integrated Hubspot app.

  1. After signing into your SFDC account, go to the “Campaigns” tab. If it is not in your dashboard, you may need to click the “+” to take you to the “All Tabs” screen, where it will be in the alphabetical list.
  2. In the “Recent Campaigns” section, click “New” (small button, top of page).
  3. You will then be taken to the “Campaign Edit” screen, which allows you to change the fields and information within your campaign. You will need to fill in a description, the campaign status, the dates it will run, and any other required fields, which are custom-set by your company SFDC administrator. You can also fill-in the “Other Information” section to keep track of estimated and actual costs associated with the campaign.
  4. Remember to check the “Active” box to activate your campaign, allowing other company users to see it. If you’re not ready to let other users view it, or want to come back to an old campaign and deactivate it, leave this box unchecked.
  5. When you’re done, be sure to hit “Save” on the top of the page.
  6. That’s it! Now you’re ready to add campaign members, manage them into lists, and create emails with Hubspot in Salesforce.


Need help creating your email marketing campaign, including designing a custom layout? We’re here to assist! Give us a call, we’re ready to listen.