Hubspot and Person Accounts – salesforce integration

By April 30, 2012Latest News

Hubspot, one of our favorite inbound marketing tools has a great integration with, providing lead intellegence and all sorts of data collection about how to drive more visitors and qualified leads to your site.
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The problem is, the salesforce connector doesn’t allow for person accounts by default.
What are person accounts? Person accounts are primarily used by B-to-C businesses. The person account record types enable specialized business-to-consumer functionality for those who sell to or do business with individuals. For example, a doctor, hairdresser, or real estate agent whose clients are individuals. For more information on person accounts, you can read the article here.

By using a few custom written apex triggers and classes, we have done several implementations of person accounts and, allowing B-to-C businesses to have the ability to collect all of the analytics needed even if you’re using person accounts.

If you’d like us to assist you with building the proper integration with Hubspot, give us a buzz, we’re happy to help!