Hubspot Announces Redesigned Email Product

By June 4, 2012Latest News

Hubspot recently announced a new feature to add to it’s suite of marketing tools, a redesigned email marketing system and contact database. This product works with the current Hubspot tools and your CRM service.

In the past you would have needed an additional service to handle your outbound marketing while Hubspot managed your inbound marketing. Now with the newly renovated email tool, all of your contact databases are now in one location.

Building email campaigns has never been easier. Hubspot collects data on your leads with inbound marketing. When a lead clicks on a link in the email, Hubspot reports this information back to you. You can then create a targeted email campaign to the unique leads that clicked on specific links from your previous email campaign. This will generate quality leads and quality email campaigns.

Hubspot has made creating your emails easier as well. They have user-friendly templates that are easily customized for your needs. Every last detail of your email campaign can be customized with personalization based on every contact field. Each of these templates have been carefully designed to look appealing on multiple platforms. So if your customer is using Outlook, iPhones, or Blackberrys the email will be easy on the eyes.

What else is cool about this new email feature?  Because all of the unsubscribed data is contained in Hubspot there are no questions about the lead wanting to be unsubscribed or not. They also have multiple subscriptions options for your contacts to choose from.

With these changes (and more to come this summer), Hubspot has become your all in one product for marketing and the only complete end-to-end marketing platform. This makes Hubspot a serious competitor for other marketing companies like Marketo and Eloqua.

To read more about Hubspot and get more details about this redesigned email product, click here:

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