Hubspot salesforce campaign membership auto updates

By November 8, 2013Latest News

Recently, we’ve come across an interesting problem and came up with a great workaround for one of our clients!

The client currently uses Hubspot to send emails to contacts within salesforce. They group all of the contacts together in a salesforce campaign in order to determine ROI on a given campaign.

The client needs to be able to auto-update the campaign member status based upon the email action that is performed. The initial campaign member status is set to “Sent” when the email is sent, but they need to easily be able to query and pull the people that have “clicked” and “opened” the email.

Their current workaround is to export a list of all clicks and opens, re-import into salesforce, and update the campaign member statuses.

Using a combination of Hubspot’s setting to auto create activities on the contact or lead as shown:
Salesforce Connector | HubSpot-1

And some custom apex code, we automatically update the campaign member status to “Opened” or “Clicked” based on the activites logged in

In the end this saves a bunch of redundant importing and exporting of data from Hubspot and back into salesforce.

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