Hubspot Workplace Culture Inspires MIT Study

By June 11, 2013Latest News

Happy Hubspot employees!

We’re excited to hear that one of our business role-models has been inspiring others! According to Business Insider, an MIT graduate student has been conducting a study for months on the culture and community of Hubspot as a highly successful workplace. CEO Dharmesh Shah cited the company’s innovated approach to employee relations as the main source of its strength. Within this culture, all employees are privy to management-level information, exposed to extraordinary workplace experiences, and free, inbound-related education. All of this is in an effort to, as Shah says, “increase the ‘market value’ of every employee.” When employees leave Hubspot, or “graduate,” they are even encouraged to keep in touch with other Hubspot “alumni” via Facebook groups and email lists.

This culture has been cultivated around a set of specific, firmly held company beliefs, which Shah argues is the heart of a workplace culture–not “perks and parties,” as is often assumed. For Hubspot, the these beliefs can be narrowed down to a 10 point “Culture Code” that is shared, and re-shared, with all levels of employees:


But this is not just shared–more importantly, it is also lived. Hubspot’s practices of unconditional transparency (among other things) show its employees that it is ready to practice what it preaches, encouraging them to join its mission. Companies with similarly innovative cultures–such as Netflix, Patagonia, and Zappos–served as inspiration for Hubspot’s CEOs, and have met similar success. If you are looking for some ideas to revamp your workplace culture, we at Eustace Consulting highly recommend checking out this SlideShare presentation from Hubspot itself!

Do you agree with Hubspot’s culture strategy? What culture do you seek to cultivate in your company? Tell us in the comments!