IdeaExchange for Salesforce: You Can Get Involved

By January 5, 2012Latest News

Did you know that has a service enabling customers to post ideas for new products?If you have an idea to share, get to know IdeaExchange! According to the website, you can “suggest new products, promote favorite enhancements, interact with product managers and customers, and preview upcoming releases!”I like seeing Salesforce getting their customers involved in helping them improve their products and IdeaExchange is a quick and easy way for users to share their new ideas.The site uses a point system to promote different ideas. Any user can vote an idea up or down, which adds or subtracts points. The posts with the highest number of points are under the status of “Coming in the Next Release.” The statuses range from simply being “New” to “Under Consideration”  or even “Existing Feature.”Check out this screenshot example: I browsed through some of the posts and the ideas are great! Some ideas that I’ve browsed range from adding 30+ contacts to activities to excluding private appointments from the Salesforce- Outlook sync (which will be featured in the newest release).Visit the site here and post something yourself!