InsightSquared Launches Free Sales Leaderboard Application For

By September 26, 2013Latest News


If you are looking to increase your sales team’s productivity while also improving office morale and fostering a friendly environment with healthy competition, then the Sales Leaderboard Application could be just the tool for you!

InsightSquared, supplier of the the number one Salesforce Analytics for small and midsized businesses, launched the Free Sales Leaderboard Application for available immediately on the AppExchange.


The Leaderboard App recognizes top sales performers through a visually compelling display that is similar to popular sports channels, such as ESPN’s SportsCenter. The display engages and motivates sales reps by driving friendly competition in the workplace in a fun and innovative way.  The sales leaderboard app uses gamification technology that allows inside sales teams to significantly increase sales performance by growing the pipeline and closing more deals – but how does gamification technology increase the number of deals made, you ask? Well, gamification is the use of game thinking, game mechanics, and competition to engage sales reps. As gamification becomes more popular, sales managers are testing different ways for it to be implemented into their sales force management systems. So gamification jump starts competition, and competition fosters a higher incentive for sales reps to close deals. A sales leaderboard is the perfect outlet to foster this competition and is also a key feature of any gamification best practices.

Developed for broadcasting on any large screen TV, the sales leaderboard is a free, easy-to-use application that users can use to motivate their sales reps with. Keep reading to discover three admirable benefits to having a sales leaderboard…


The sports-style leaderboard highlights the top 5 sales team member pictures, the number of deals, and average value of bookings through its visual interface. As the month progresses, sales reps will compete to see which contender has the most bookings closed. Reps in the number one spot will remain motivated each day to remain in their position, while under-performing sales reps will be motivated to step up their game and break into the top 5. The most powerful motivational technique is self-driven motivation, which is something that a publicly displayed sales leaderboard does in a subtle, yet effective way.



A sales leaderboard provides great visibility and recognition to other departments company wide. The leaderboard makes it possible for companies to preach a policy of total transparency as it is publicly displayed on a television for the whole office to see at any given time. It is a great tool that helps companies keep track of what disparate departments are working on so that sales, marketing, finance, and all other sectors of the business are aware of the work done by other teams.



A great aspect of a sales leaderboard is that it holds morale-boosting features such as the live deal ticker. This ticker is an alert for breaking deals, similar to on a news or sports channel. This constantly roving ticker cycles through all the recent deals that the sales team has closed, serving as an effective reminder of past successes.

But one thing sales managers like even more than historic successes is of course current success, or new deals that are coming in. This ‘new deal’ alert lets the entire office when a deal is closed, which in tandem increases company transparency. The sleek graphics, slick animation, and attention grabbing sound effects will excite the entire office as the alert symbolizes the positive outcome of their collective efforts.The congratulatory screen is another feature that enhances company morale as it recognizes sales team superstars when a deal is closed.



See how the benefits outlined above improve your business by installing the Free Sales Leaderboard Application today!