LinkedIn for More Leads

By November 21, 2011Latest News

I’ve always been an advocate for using social networking sites to promote business- twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It’s a free way to generate hits and market your company. However, are we using these free resources to their potential?I came across an article the other day called, “11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks” and it made some great points. I’ll highlight a few here:

  • No followers: This is a big one. You should be following others to build up a core following for yourself.
  • It’s bare: A bare, boring LinkedIn page could actually hurt your company’s presence. No one is going to be interested in following it and it could be turning away whatever potential business happens upon finding your page.
  • No RSS feed: the article says that this is really easy to do, too, “To enable this feature, simply go into edit mode of your page’s ‘Overview’ tab, scroll down, and enter the URL for your blog’s RSS feed.”
  • News Module: Sharing news about your company helps to generate an interest and immediacy. It shows potential clients that you’re on top of things.

Time is money and if you can take a couple minutes to make some crucial changes to your company’s page on LinkedIn, then you could generate more leads with even less cost to you.