Livin’ the Dream: Dreamforce ’13 Exciting New Product Launches

By November 26, 2013Latest News

salesforce1 2Happy Tuesday, fellow readers! On this chilly day, what better way to cozy up and occupy your time then to read all about’s launch of the brand new Salesforce1, SalesforceA, and ExactTarget products & features. These features were launched at Dreamforce ’13 last week, which is the biggest cloud computing event of the year, which you can read about in my last blog by clicking here! Salesforce1 lets you connect with your customers in a whole new way and identifies with the user behavior of today’s world.

So what is Salesforce1?

Salesforce redesigned it’s own Chatter application to Salesforce1, which has been described as the customer platform for the internet of customers. Salesforce1 is described as the company’s ‘next generation social, mobile, and cloud customer platform’ designed to offer richer mobile-development and cloud-development options with 10X more APIs and services. Now all your sales, service, and marketing data is right at your finger tips!


 New Salesforce1 Features:

  • It offers 10X as many APIs as well as new components for building user interfaces
  • Customers can build mobile optimized apps for any device
  • You can access all of your custom objects, fields, and any app you’ve built directly from your mobile device
  • Ability to access publisher from your mobile device
  • Salesforce1 includes the new mobile application for administrators, SalesforceA, that allows them to take actions from setting passwords to deactivating users
  • It delivers all new mobile app customization through VisualForce1, a mobile oriented revamp of the Visualforce page environment that customers and partners use to create custom web user interfaces.

The look & feel of Salesforce1:

salesforce1 3

 Link to Download Salesforce1 App:

What is SalesforceA?

We are in a new world of connected devices and because of that, Salesforce must be built for a new generation platform. SalesforceA is a mobile app for the multitasking Salesforce administrator that can be used to edit, unlock, freeze, and deactivate user accounts, as well as reset passwords and assign permission sets.


New SalesforceA Features:

  • Introduces the freezing user function, which prevents users from accessing your salesforce system but does not deactivate them on your mobile device
  • Once a user enters the wrong user name & password multiple times when trying to access the salesforce system, it locks them out – now you can unlock them on your mobile device
  • Administrators can easily access the most recent release notes within the SalesforceA application

The look & feel of SalesforceA:

a 1

Link to Download SalesforceA App:

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud:

The ExactTarget marketing cloud, built on the Salesforce1 platform, allows marketers to create 1:1 campaigns that can combine traditional digital channels like email, mobile, social, and the Web with any conceivable product to turn consumers into customers. It creates marketing automation at an unrivaled scale and creates customer engagement, while allowing marketers to view customers in real time.

What do you think of Salesforce1, SalesforceA, & The ExactTarget marketing cloud? Please share your comments below!