Salesforce MailChimp

MailChimp is an incredibly useful tool, especially for conducting email campaigns which easily and conveniently integrate with Salesforce.

After listening to feedback from our clients who use both MailChimp and Salesforce our team has written a custom Salesforce-MailChimp integration, the MailChimp-Salesforce Enhanced Connector.  This integration includes 3 new features which amplify your use of both platforms together.

  1. Contact-Specific Statistics: Stats Clipart MailChimp’s integration with Salesforce displays and tracks statistics for your MailChimp email campaigns including open rates, click rates and more, yet it does not attach these statistics back to your individual Salesforce contacts. Our integration, MailChimp-Salesforce Enhanced Connector, accesses MailChimp’s user-specific data and assigns it to your business’s contact on in Salesforce, where it can easily be viewed and tracked.
  2. Automated Contact Email Updating: Since MailChimp is a mass-emailing tool, it stores individuals by email, and so it is most useful if your relevant contacts’ emails are up-to-date.   One feature of the MailChimp-Salesforce Enhanced Connector checks your Salesforce contacts’ emails in real-time and updates them in MailChimp.  If you change a contact’s email in Salesforce, Salesforce will search MailChimp for the old email and update it with the new one.  This ensures that all your contacts remain up-to-date, even if you exclusively update emails in Salesforce.
  3. Un/Re-Subscribe Checkbox: Email Clipart  Another feature of our MailChimp-Salesforce Enhanced Connector is a checkbox within Salesforce that tells MailChimp to unsubscribe or resubscribe a contact to an email campaign.  If the box is checked, the contact will be unsubscribed from MailChimp email campaigns, and if the box is unchecked, the contact will be resubscribed to the corresponding email campaign.  


Full Campaign Interactions tracked with Mailchimp in salesforce through the enhanced connector on a per-Contact or per-Lead basis






Want this integration for your business?  Send us an inquiry and we would be happy to answer any questions you have!