Meet the Team: Matt Cormier

By April 4, 2013Latest News

Welcome to Meet the Team, in which we chat with one of our team members at Eustace Consulting to discover their passions, experience, and favorite parts of the job. For this post, give a warm welcome to our newest team member at Eustace Consulting–Matt Cormier! With 10 years of design experience, specializing in email marketing and web design Matt brings his skills to the Eustace team leading our inbound marketing services. When not parked in front of the iMac he enjoys running, snowboarding, craft beer (& homebrewing) and spending time with his wife, Lauren and Boston Terrier, Rev.


1. How did you get involved in design, and what are your favorite things about it?

At age 11 I attended the Haring, Warhol & Disney exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum. From that point on I knew that I wanted to pursue a creative career. I attended university for graphic design and began my career as a print designer. Eventually the print work slowed and the demand for web design grew, so I gravitated in that direction and learned that I really enjoy the collective technical and artistic elements of web (& email) design.

As a designer it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to help others realize their vision, while being able to inject a personal touch. Design, particularly for the web is constantly evolving and it’s a fun challenge to follow the visual trends and techniques, e.g. responsive design for optimal user experience and CSS3 to create effects, even replacing the need for images in some instances. There’s something new to learn every day.

3. What is your favorite HubSpot feature? 

Having spent the last several years focusing on email marketing I’m partial to HubSpot’s email tool and custom templates. Geeking out a bit, but I especially like the integration of Jinja tags to create customizable and editable widgets. These allow the end user to populate and format certain content areas within the email, while not having to worry about knowing how to code HTML (although I encourage it!) or accidentally altering static template elements.
4. If EC was a superhero, who would we be and why? 

Voltron would have been my first choice, but to avoid a whole robot debate I’ll go with The Justice League. Each team member possesses unique talents, which combined make us a powerhouse partner for Salesforce and HubSpot services.


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