A Negative facebook review helped us close a deal

By April 12, 2018Latest News

With the proliferation of the internet and user-submitted reviews, there have been some mixed opinions on if they are good or bad for business.  Many business owners complain that, on sites like yelp, people are more apt to submit a negative review than a positive review.

We recently had one of these events occur on our facebook page.  What I decided to do was to be fully transparent on a sales call with a big prospect I was working with.  In the end, it ended up benefitting us more than hurting us!

By highlighting the negative review and explaining our thought process, thoroughness and responsiveness, it lent a lot of credibility to our high standards for communication and follow through.  You can see the comment and post in question here, along with our follow through.  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to chime in the comments or let us know through the contact us form: