New and Noteworthy: Evernote Links Up with

By October 11, 2013Latest News


If you are anything like me and love organizing then listen up and learn about a new way to stay organized within! Evernote, the note-taking, sharing, and archiving application, makes it easy for you to organize and keep track of things as they’re happening. Combine this with Salesforce, which makes it easy for you to manage your customer relationships and follow up on opportunities, and you have quite a powerful integration here!

Evernote lets you capture and share information that you and your team need in order to do your best work and now that it can be integrated with Salesforce, you’ll widen your understanding of leads and have the ability to act on opportunities in brand new ways.iintegr

For Salespeople:

It holds true that in sales, the more you know about an opportunity the easier it is to close. Using Evernote Business for Salesforce, you can capture all of the information that you need to understand a contact. Here are some of the different features of the application…

  • The Evernote for Salesforce application essentially lets users capture information. You can do this by recording meetings using Evernote’s built-in audio recording feature. You can also take photos of whiteboards, scan in documents, and more. Once added, the information about your leads and contacts is the searchable and you can then connect any relevant Evernote notes to a Salesforce record by linking them together with a single click.oneclick
  • At client meetings, you can access and add to all of your notes within Evernote, even when you’re offline. If you have previously linked them to Salesforce, any updates made will automatically appear the next time you log into Salesforce.
  • The application also lets you leverage your colleague’s work and you can avoid doing research that someone else has already completed. Notes that your team members have linked about a contact or opportunity appear as Related Notes. Related notes can include scanned business cards, contracts, and other relevant documents that show up in a contact record, even if you’re not the person who captured them!

For Sales Managers:

Salesforce helps your company stay on top of activity within the accounts that your team is working on and keeps you on track with leads and opportunities. Combined with the rich data that your team can collect in Evernote, you’ll get a more complete view into your company’s prospects and accounts than ever before!

  • As you review a record, you’ll automatically see the Evernote notes that your team members have shared and linked, along with other shared Related Notes that may be relevant to that record.relatednotes
  • The application also makes it easy for you to stay updated. For example, when your team collects information about an opportunity in Evernote, you’ll automatically see their updates in your Salesforce Chatter feed. (And we LOVE Salesforce Chatter here at Eustace Consulting!)chatterfeed

Evernote Business for Salesforce will help you learn more about your leads so you can save time, streamline communication, and sell more effectively.