Our New Partner: EchoSign

By February 20, 2013Latest News

We’re proud to announce our newest partnership: EchoSign, the electronic signature app for Salesforce.


After our recent post about e-signature services, we were very excited to be able to add such a useful service to our partner circle. We chose EchoSign over other e-signature apps for its bevy of advanced features–such as multi-language capability, mobile signature capability, and 1-click platform–just to name a few.

This Adobe-run signature powerhouse is extremely easy to use, on both the sender’s and recipient’s ends. On the part of the recipient, there is no download required–they can simply open the email in which the document is attached and either sign their name with a mouse, a stylus, or simply type it. Taking full advantage of cloud technology, all contracts are archived within your EchoSign cloud, so you never lose access to important information. All of this is done under high-grade security, so you don’t have to fret about your company’s privacy.

At Eustace Consulting we’re clearly head-over-heels for Salesforce.com, but even if your company utilizes a different CRM you can use EchoSign–it integrates with many others, including Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics. The app will fit seamlessly into your contract-processing program, as it works with Microsoft Word, PDF files, Excel, and more.


So, from all of us at Eustace Consulting–welcome to the family, EchoSign! We’re excited to work with you.

See a demo here, and EchoSign on the App Exchange here.¬†Want to learn more about our partner? Give us a call and we’d be happy to help.