Summer Bloggin’

By August 1, 2013Latest News

As I write to you from vacation in Sicily, dear readers, I understand: it can be hard to find inspiration to keep blogging when you’re surrounded by 379_beachsummer sun. But whether you’re halfway around the world, or enjoying a lazy “stay-cation” with family, the rest of the world doesn’t stop. Neglecting your blog can have a negative impact on your reader base, who looks for consistency above all else. Even 1 or 2 missed posts drop lose readers, so avoid the temptation to leave blogging to another day!

If you’re feeling a little worn out from the summer sun, here are some great seasonal blog topics to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Summer Vacations

Many people take a summer vacation, so how can you tie this to your brand or industry? Do you have a client that makes an app that would help readers during their trip? Find a neat infographic about where families like to travel during the summer, or write a post about the ways in which social media is changing the vaca scene.

  • Local Events

There are tons of local, often free events in the summer–from county fairs to digital marketing conventions (coughcoughInbound). Write a calendar of such events your readers would be interested in, or post some pictures of your employees having a great time. If nothing exciting seems to be happening, consider hosting something of your own, even if it’s just an industry meet-up or a webinar.

  • Local Hangouts

In the late-night heat, all the young’ns flock to the local businesses with patios, roof-decks, and terraces. Ask employees for their recommendations, or do some social media sleuthing to find the best places for a summer cocktail. Not only will you reach a readership you may normally miss, but you’ll also gain some valuable street cred.

  • Family Vacations

We’ve all been there–in a stuffy car with one sibling screaming, one covered in melted ice cream, and two frantic parents. Make your readers’ family vacations easier with app recommendations, an employee-sourced list of things to do in your city, or ways in which they can utilize social media for their journey.

  • Employee Fun

Where did your employees go this summer? Did they have a great BBQ with family, or take an island-style vacation? Gather their pictures and a few interview questions and tell their story.

  • Summer Readingvacation

Summer is a great time to catch up on reading–either for your industry, or just for fun. Ask employees or industry colleagues for recommendations and make a summer reading list to remember.

  • I Scream, You Scream…

Well, you know the rest. Summer means ice cream cones and cups, so give readers your recommendations for the best shops, festivals, and flavors.

  • Home Run

Baseball is religion here in Boston, but all around America “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” can be heard this time of year. How can you relate the sport back to your company or industry? Do you have a personal story about a game past that brings your company to life? If all else fails, a well-documented game of employee softball is in order!

  • Keeping Cool

Where can you get free wifi in your city? In your office’s area? Where can local readers go to keep cool this summer? Most importantly, is there an app (or several) that can help?

  • Holidays

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and all of those weirdos in between (Left Hander’s Day?). How did your company celebrate it? How do your readers or neighbors celebrate it? Find a source of wacky holidays and get to work!

  • Summer Playlist

What songs are on repeat as you stroll through the office? Create a Spotify playlist and encourage employees to add their favorites, then share on your website and social media. Doing so will give your online presence a personal, human feel.

  • Summer Blockbusters

What big summer blockbusters have winning social media strategies? What are your employees excited to see? How is Sharknado a social media success story? What apps can help summer movie-goers? The possibilities are endless!

Do you have other winning ideas for summer blog posts? Tell us in the comments!