Product News: Hubspot-Wistia Video Marketing Integration

By October 8, 2013Latest News

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The abundance of social media platforms in today’s world are growing wild and it’s not just about eBooks and pictures anymore. Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook can all attribute to the idea that of all the channels and mediums, video, is in fact, HOT right now.

Due to the up and coming video fad, Hubspot has decided to jump on the bandwagon by integrating with Wistia. So what does this mean? Marketers can now understand how videos are working for their overall strategy as the integration shows how leads and customers are interacting with their video content.


Here some of the key features…

Measuring an individual contact’s interaction with video
  • The integration populates details about each video engagement right on the contact timeline in Hubspot.
  • Know when an individual contact has viewed a video by seeing a heat map right on their timeline in HubSpot.
  • The heat map shows how engaged a contact was with a particular video and also what parts of the video resonated with them.

Trigger automation with video views


  • Depending on your company and your videos, you may have content on your website that should be used to trigger some sort of action.
  • For example, sending emails, and implementing smart content, or smart CTAs when a contact has viewed a video is possible because video views are tracked as events in Hubspot. This makes triggering automation of these types of actions very simple to set up.

Reporting on your videos with Hubspot and Wistia


  • Use Hubspot’s Contacts reporting tool to create granular reports on contacts who have viewed your video content
  • Aggregate Reporting is also used to understand how different videos are used and impact a company’s overall funnel. For example, you could track the impact of products over time or also track the engagement of your evangelists (people who are not a good fit for your software but are great consumers and sharers of your content)

Lead Scoring to help your sales team prioritize


  • You could also weigh certain video views in the lead scoring algorithm. For example, when a prospect watches a short product video it shows that they are semi-engaged in your content, which is worthy of a few points, BUT when a prospect watches a longer product video it is a stronger sign of engagement and worth more points. This increases a contact’s lead score when they’ve viewed a video.

Segmenting based on video viewing behavior 


  • Video events are piped to Hubspot so smart lists can be made to identify prospects with specific viewing behavior. For example, you can create a list of all contacts who have viewed a certain video and nurture them accordingly.

Give it a whirl!

If you are a Hubspot and Wistia customer and you’d like to try the integration, you can simply turn it on in your Hubspot Settings. If you aren’t a user yet, both Hubspot and Wistia offer free trials. And for those of you who don’t use either tool, hopefully you have gained some insight on how you can measure, report, and analyze your video content!

For more information on the Hubspot-Wistia integration, please click here!