Salesforce and EntropySoft: A New Chatterbox?

By February 6, 2013Latest News

It appears that Salesforce has, once again, made a discreet acquisition. Last night it was confirmed that SFDC acquired the French content integration solutions company EntropySoft, though it has yet to make a formal announcement. The enterprise content management (ECM) company has started displaying Salesforce logos on their website, but otherwise nothing has been said to the press by either party.

Although it appears the deal was made about a month ago, its value is unknown. This information will probably remain confidential until Salesforce releases its quarter earnings at the end of the month. This deal appears to have changed EntropySoft pretty dramatically, however–what used to be product descriptions are now just redirects to their homepage (which features the Salesforce logo), and major company players have accordingly adjusted their LinkedIn profiles.

Experts are speculating that this acquisition is likely a move to expand upon SFDC’s Chatterbox service, or its answer to partner companies such as Dropbox and Box. Instead of building an internal addition to Chatterbox’s functionality, SFDC may have seen the acquisition as a quicker way to gain tools that could help it rise above competitors. Essentially, EntropySoft is a smaller version of Box, with the addition of some benefits–such as federated content for users, and maybe even hybrid cloud storage; it does not just store and manage content, it allows for content to remain integrated while it is stored, giving users easy access.

Chatterbox is set to be released soon in pilot phase, and the addition of EntropySoft’s connectors could give it the edge it needs to give its competitors a run for their money.

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