salesforce and Google Charts API – in practice

By July 25, 2012Latest News

Previously, we had mentioned how you can use the google charts API to generate charts using the Google API to visualize data in different ways that may not be possible using the standard salesforce analytics engine.

What we have here is an actual use case of a customer (blurred out to protect the innocent!) of in practice how the Google Charts API can be used. We had the challenge of visualizing a lot of data at once – all of the ongoing projects for a given consultant, with an allocation of how much time they were taking, and how full their plate was. The client used to use Excel.

Now using a combination of the Project Milestones App, Visualforce, and the google charts API, we were able to get what they need. Note, that flipping the blurred out picklist to the upper left of the screen you can flip through the different consultants and their project allocation. Using the right hand picklist, you can flip through and open any of the projects that show on the chart.

Would you find this useful to implement in your company? What about if we developed an easy to use API to work with the google charts API?