salesforce and Microsoft Office 365 Integration with Cirrus Insight

By October 3, 2014Latest News

5 Highlights of Cirrus Insight for Office 365


The new Cirrus Insight release is here, and it’s more powerful than ever!

You may watch a demonstration of the application here:

The latest from Cirrus Insight gives you the power to connect the CRM prowess of Salesforce with your Microsoft email accounts from Office 365. Now, even if you don’t use Gmail, you can now harness the power of Salesforce from within your inbox.

This means the power of the cloud is available to a whole new audience, and we at Eustace Consulting are excited to bring this news to our Microsoft customers. From editing records to accessing Salesforce templates—This new release can bring a new level of streamlined efficiency to your workflow, and change the way you do business.

But don’t take our word for it! Straight from Cirrus, here are five of the new features that users everywhere are excited to try:

Salesforce Integration + Templates

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see a contact’s Salesforce record, without toggling back and forth? Now you can! See where a lead is in your sales cycle, check their record of contact, and be reminded of their business needs; the more knowledge you have, the more power you have to make the sale. Additionally, if you’ve made email templates within Salesforce, you can now access them directly in Outlook—Just edit and send, no need to recreate.

Inbox + Salesforce
Streamline your workflow by never leaving your email! You can relate messages to any object in Salesforce via a “Cirrus Insight” tab within your inbox. This allows you to stay focused, eliminating “in-and-out” browsing and saving you valuable time.

Stop wishing and hoping emails are opened—With the new Cirrus release, you can know. See when your outgoing messages are opened, get real-time notifications, and maintain a record of when, where, and how often your voice is heard.

Edit Records
You can now create and edit Salesforce records, all from your inbox. Create a new contact from a message, save that potential lead, and schedule a meeting to share. With all record types available from within Outlook, the possibilities are endless.

Take It With You!
In addition to this new release, Cirrus mobile is finally live! This means you can use the platform from your phone or tablet, via the all-new app. You can text CIRRUS to 41411 to receive a free download link!

Check out the Cirrus Insight page for more information, and to find out how to get a 14-day free trial. The new release is now available in the Office store. Be sure to contact us if you’d like to learn more about the release, or how it can work for you!

Ensure that you use the Coupon Code “Eustace” for an additional 20% off the purchase price!